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Hellstar has quickly conquered the world of streetwear and the hearts of young people. It's much more than just a T-shirt label: it is a movement of individuality and rebellion against the conventions.

In 2020, in the midst of the COVID lockdown, the spark was ignited in Los Angeles by Sean "Seanie" Holland, the brand's founder and graphic designer, and Hellstar was born.

Uniqueness and quality: two values that Hellstar never lets go of - it's no coincidence that within a few years its popularity had exploded among young people opened to new things, first just in the US and then all over the world. All these without ads and TikToks!

Of course, the fact that Hellstar clothing have been worn by famous rap/trap artists such as Central Cee, Young Thug, Metro Boomin, Gunna, Post Malone and Kai Cenat in his streams and on famous NFL stars has also helped the brand's popularity enormously. The brand's deep roots in the world of American football led it to launch its own high school teams in early 2024 under the name Hellstar Sports.

The Hellstar apparel features huge, colourful lettering and graphics inspired by punk and rock style - the brand's style is instantly recognisable!

As the brand became more and more well-known, critics began to slam it, saying that Hellstar must be some kind of satanic brand that was trying to get into the hearts of young people. Seanie has confirmed in several interviews that this couldn't be further from the truth: on the one hand, his parents are pastors, and on the other, he saw around his youth that life is sometimes hell on earth, and yet this is where we are meant to shine, hence the brand name Hellstar: a shining star - even in hell.