Looking for a Buyer to join our team!

In order to continuously supply our customers with the freshest pair of sneakers we would like to extend the True to Sole Buyer team with a new member.

Our requirements:

  • Good social skills
  • Right connections of local and international sellers
  • Fluent English in writing and speaking
  • Ability and experience of using a task manager software (it's easy to learn)
  • Consistent performance under high pressure
  • Availability for providing information about on-going tasks
  • Required to work within our internal rules

It's a part-time job however it requires around 20 hours of work per week (more in peak seasons).

We provide Funds and Shipping Labels.

You’ll sign a contract under self employment to state the terms of your job.

Payment: flat commission after each pair you succesfully purchased.

Send your application to sourcing@truetosole.com. Introduce yourself and your buying expertise in an e-mail and tell us why should we choose You for this job.

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