In 1984, Nike offered a contract to the then young basketball player Michael Jordan, who - reluctantly at first - accepted the offer. The Air Jordan 1 High sneaker was the first shoe designed for Michael Jordan and Michael stepped onto the court with it in 1985. The rest, as they say, is history. Sneaker history.

The banned basketball shoe

The basketball shoe, designed by Peter Moore, was inspired by Nike Dunk style and included the iconic Nike ticking, the Jordan Wings Logo and was dressed in black and red. It kicked up a big dust as it did not meet the requirements and was heavily fined. This didn't stop Michael Jordan from wearing Air Jordan for every game and Nike co-founder Phil Knight from paying all the fines. The 'banned basketball shoe' gained huge popularity and people literally stormed the shops to get their hands on an Air Jordan 1 sneaker.

AJ1 in the True to Sole selection

As one of the most popular models, the iconic Air Jordan 1 High is now available at True to Sole! The sneaker is easily recognizable by the high top upper and the distinctive Nike Air" inscription on the tongue. Countless collaborations and colourways have appeared since its release and its popularity is undiminished!

Make sure you buy original Jordan shoes!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of "webshops" on the internet selling fake sneakers, which begs the question: where can you buy original Jordan 1 sneakers? At True to Sole, we offer 100% original products as every item that comes into the store is individually tested before it hits the store shelf or webshop. Each product carries the "True to Sole Authenticity Tag", which proves that the shoe has been checked and found to be okay. Find out more about the True to Sole Authenticity Guarantee here!

What outfit matches the Air Jordan 1 High sneaker?

Pair a loose fit trouser with your favourite sneaker and you can't miss! Play around with materials and wear jeans or corduroys so you can get an even better look with different textures. An oversized shirt will also complement the Jordan High sneaker as the slightly squat construction of the shoe itself and the large effect of the shirt will bring some harmony to the set! Play around with colours, create a match between socks and sneakers or add a new, coloured lace to the look. A big favourite among sneakerheads is the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Dark Mocha, and if you're looking for something a little more extreme, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High 'Tie Dye' could be a good choice.

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