The foundation of Vlone

In 2011, Vlone, the now popular global streetwear brand, was launched on the streets of Harlem. The brand was founded by a talented and like-minded group of musicians including A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky, A$AP K, Ian Connor and Playboi Carti. Most of the founders are known for their music, while Ian Connor is known as an influential fashion icon and stylist.

What does "Vlone" mean?

Vlone quickly took over social media and grew in popularity. But what's behind the brand? The designers theorise that Vlone is much more than just a fashion brand. Rather, it's a lifestyle with the motto "You live on your own and die on your own.", in short "Live Vlone and Die Vlone".

The iconic "V"

The brand is inspired by the freestyle style of the streets of Harlem and is trying to take that style to a higher level. Bari sees Vlone not as high fashion or streetwear, but rather as a brand that is a trademark of Harlem residents. The signature motif of the clothes is the large printed letter "V" which is seen on T-shirts, caps and hoodies. At True to Sole you can choose from a wide range of Vlone t-shirts!


A$AP Rocky's 2014 release "Riot Rave" brought Vlone the real spotlight. And A$AP Bari took to the road, promoting the brand in pop-up stores around the world. He later appeared at Paris Fashion Week and was involved in several major collaborations.

The Off White and Nike collab in 2017 was a true milestone, followed shortly after by iconic pieces that paid tribute to legendary hip hop artist Tupac Shakur.


The brand continues to be one of the most sought-after streetwear icons and launched its collaborative collection with Pop Smoke in 2020. A number of T-shirts and hoodies were released, all commemorating Pop Smoke and most of them featuring the familiar 'V' motif.

Vlone already has a history and its story is far from over!

Vlone t-shirts at True to Sole

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