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Crep Protect Ultimate Sneaker Care Kit (Tube)

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We think most sneakerheads want their shoes to shine just like they did when they first put them on their feet.

But what can you do about wrinkles, dirt and unpleasant smells? You need more help than a cleaning cloth!

The large metal box of the Crep Protect Ultimate Sneaker Care Kit contains 6 Crep Wipes wet shoe cleaning cloths, the coarser side of which removes the tougher dirt and the finer side of which easily removes smaller dirt stains. The shoe cleaning brush and microfibre cloth also help with cleaning.

The package also includes Crep Protect shoe impregnation spray, which forms an invisible cover on the shoe and protects against both water and oil stains.

Crep Cure is a specially formulated biodegradable shoe cleaner made from 98% natural ingredients and will tackle even the most stubborn dirt!

What's more, you don't even have to worry about unpleasant smells, as it comes with 2 shoe sachet capsules!

The Crep Protect Ultimate Sneaker Care Kit (Tube) is a great starter kit for you - or as a gift!

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