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Pokemon Go sneakerheadeknek ?

Pokemon Go for sneakerheads?

Why do you have more shoes than you need?
I'm sure you've heard this question at least once. Why spend small fortunes on a pair of coveted Jordan 1s or other shoes? There are many explanations for why we do all this. The sense of community, the influence of hype, or just the inimitable feeling when you step out onto the street in your new shoes. Aglet wants to bring this feeling to your virtual life. If you haven't heard of Aglet yet, don't worry, it's not too late to download the app, but we recommend you read our article first. Anyone with an Android-powered phone will miss out on rocking virtual sneakers for the time being, but the developer promises that it will soon be available on this platform as well.What do we get from the application?

A beautifully put together user interface, with clean design elements, with illustrations by Daniel Freebain. Daniel, also known as @kickposters, is one of the best-known graphic designers in the sneaker world, who has also worked with Adidas, among others. Each shoe has different properties and levels, which determine how quickly it wears out and how many "aglets" (in-app currency) we get per 1000 steps. In addition, each model has an informative description about their appearance, history and design. As an excitement factor, reward boxes can be opened after the goals achieved (steps taken). Initially, an Air Force or Stan Smith is hidden in the box, which does not necessarily cause great joy among so many limited sneakers. However, later on, with a bit of luck, we can get more trendy shoes.How It works?

After downloading and a quick registration, you can choose your first sneaker, set your nickname, shoe size (a completely irrelevant option) and your profile picture, which is limited (8 characters) to put it mildly.

There are 3 options in the header

:- WEAR: Where we can see the shoes we are currently wearing, their condition and properties, here we can also switch to the map.

- SHELF: It goes without saying that the shelf of our purchased and won shoes.

- SHOP: Perhaps I spent the most time here in the application

What I noticed during the first browsing was that the developers did not stick strictly to the existing and released shoes. You can buy, for example, legendary collector's items such as Neil Armstrong's moon boots or even pairs meant for jokes (Jesus' sandals). Returning to the essence of the application, by walking you can earn money with which you can buy shoes.

During use, the condition of our sneakers deteriorates, so we have to visit a repair station or a restoration (deadstock) station. In addition, in the places marked on the map, we can find shoe boxes with which we can expand our virtual collection. In its current state, the app does not contain more options, which we hope will be expanded in the future. I registered two weeks ago, at that time there was no activity available in Hungary. Without a repair station, I didn't have many options, so I walked and when my virtual shoes wore out, I bought a new one from the cheaper basic models. I was already starting to give up hope about the application, when the article I opened it before writing. To my surprise, all activities became available near me (Budapest). After my 50,000 steps so far, I received a gift box that finally did not contain a pink Disruptor.
What didn't you like about the app?
I would also replace the positive presentation so far with a different point of view. Aglet has not endorsed the publication of this article, but if you want (Hit me up bro) we will gladly delete this section. From what I've seen over the last two weeks, I feel like we're getting a half-baked app that's nothing more than a pedometer beyond the great design and basic idea. As free content, of course, we can't have a single word, we don't have advertisements shoved in our faces every two minutes that Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian attacked our wall.

But as every game has an overpriced purchase option, it couldn't be left out here either. Half of the shoes, yes half of them, can only be bought with gold aglet, which you can't just find on the street. Let's also look at the tariffs: for HUF 349 you get 5 "coins" right away, for which you can choose between two shoes, but none of them are particularly hype or interesting. But let's look at the most expensive package, which is no less than HUF 29,990, so we get 1000 gold aglets. From which we can buy up to 2 pairs of Dior Air Jordan 1.

However, if we want to be real collectors, we cannot miss the opportunity to get ourselves a Nike MAG, but for this we have to buy the most extra package 11 times. If you've always wanted to have a picture of this shoe on your phone, now it can be yours for HUF 330,000 gross, which is a fraction of the original price. And let's not even talk about "Jesus sandals", maybe no one thought this seriously for 100,000 gold aglets, i.e. 3,000,000 HUF.

In summary, you get a fun, good-looking, but quickly boring app that (if you enable GPS data) always knows where are you. We hope to add more content to the app in the future like adding friends, swapping shoes, etc. in the form of In the meantime, if you're interested, give Aglet a try.
And if I test like this, don't forget to enter my code so that I can finally roam the streets not only in pink Disruptor. OA3ZUR