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The Ten, and more...

The Ten și altele...

From 2015, the SNKRS App became available in most parts of the world, which is intended to make more compact in the form of an application. In addition to the user-friendly image, it sent notifications about the release dates, presented the background history of the shoes in the form of articles, and introduced a new method of publishing limited shoes, known as the raffle. However, around 2016, apart from Jordan retros and a couple of collaborations, there weren't really any more exciting releases. In 2017, Virgil Abloh and The Ten collection broke the ice, turning the sneaker world upside down. The collaboration redesigned the most famous silhouettes of Nike, Jordan and Converse.
Off-White™ x Nike "The Ten" In the silhouettes of the "The Ten" collection, apart from the specific elements of Off White, we can find several similarities in the use of materials and the use of colors. But these were different from Nike's previous models, we got not only color combinations but completely renewed shoes. If you see someone on the street with a red zip tie on their corset, you can tell even as a layman that they either got very lucky or had to reach deep into their pockets.
And the hype of The Ten sold out all the Nike x Off-White looks years in advance . Thus, the momentum taken from the OG ten did not stop in 2020, in fact, more and more Nike and Jordan models are being reworked in Off-White editions.
So we put together our top 10 list of our favorite Off-White x Nike sneakers.
10. Off-White™ x Zoom Vapor Street “Polarized Blue”
October 2019
How did Vapor Street make the list? Perhaps we were convinced by the comfort, perhaps by the extreme color combination, or by the use of special materials. Either way, if you give these shoes a chance, you won't regret it.

9. Off-White™ x Nike Air Max 90 “Desert Ore”
February 2019
The use of premium materials on this shoe was less noticeable than on its predecessors, but overall we got a well put together model. The Air Max 90 model was included in our selection mainly because of its comfort, but we had a hard time choosing the colorway. In contrast to the white and black variations, sand and bright orange colors offer a more spectacular appearance.
The 10: Nike Air Max 90 "Off-White / Desert Ore" - AA7293 200
8. Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Black”
2018 December
Virgil Abloh brought a relatively straightforward take on Bruce Kilgore's Air Force design. Characteristic elements such as the re-sewn pipe, shoe laces with the inscription "shoelace" or the sponge sticking out of the seam were not left out here either. Despite the simplistic appearance, the shoes still contain the style elements established by Off-White. The use of materials and the design of the shoe gave the Air Force 1 Low Black the 8th place, which we think is one of the best OW Nike shoes for everyday use.
The 10: Nike Air Force 1 Low "Off-White Black" - AO4606 001 - 2018

7. Off-White™ x Nike Air Max 97 “Mint”
September 2018
The neutral look of the matte gray translucent upper is highlighted by the color transition from green to blue to red on the swoosh. In addition to its futuristic appearance, we couldn't ignore it, so it earned the seventh place for us.

Nike The 10: Air Max 97 OG "Off-White - Menta" - AJ4585 101 - 2020

6. Off-White™ x Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro SP
If we didn't know that we were talking about a 2020 release, we could easily assume that the model has been sitting in the box for a good 10 years. The vintage look of the shoe comes from the pre-yellowed elements, which together with the reflective tongue and holes, gives a really exciting twist on the Air Jordan 5 design.
Air Jordan 5 Retro SP "Off-White" - CT8480 001 - 2020

5. Off-White™ x Nike Air Presto “Black”
July 2018
Like the OG Off-White Air Presto, the second edition arrived with a black upper, but the contrast of the white tick and the new black sole differed greatly from its predecessor. To this day, the opinions of sneakerheads are divided about the shoes. Some people can't even look at it, others see it as a combination of exciting design and comfort. We belong to the latter, so the Nike Off-White Air Presto Black landed in 5th place.
The 10 : Nike Air Presto "Off-White Polar Opposites Black" - AA3830 002

4. Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1 Low “MoMa”
January 2018
The shoe was first introduced in 2016 at the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair. After the great success of The Ten collection, the Museum of Modern Art in New York sold it in 2018 to promote one of their exhibitions. We couldn't miss this great model either, even though it just slipped off the podium and took 4th place.
Nike Air Force 1 07 Virgil "Off-White - MoMa" - AV5210 001

3. Off-White™ x Nike Air Jordan 1 “White”
March 2018
Chicago paved the way for all Off-White releases, so the Air Jordan 1 that followed was eagerly awaited all over the world. The model was released exclusively in Europe, thus putting entire continents into a deep depression. In Hungary, it debuted on the SNKRS app, so if you were very lucky, you might have caught this great line-up.
The 10: Air Jordan 1  "Off-White - White" - AQ0818 100

2. Off-White™ x Nike Dunk Low “Pine-Green”
When we saw the first pictures of the new Off-White Dunk, we weren't crazy about it. The double corset seemed like a special solution, but we have seen this before. At the first handover, however, everything we thought so far changed, the use of materials and the color combination can only really be felt live. The white and green leather creates a perfect contrast on the shoe, which is perfected by bright orange ropelace.
Nike Dunk Low "Off-White - Pine Green" - CT0856 100 - 2020

1. Off-White™ x Nike Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”
2017 October
It probably won't surprise anyone that it came first on our list. The Off-White Air Jordan 1 Chicago started with a big advantage, not (only) because of the hype created by the silhouette and the red and white colorway, but because its deconstructive design makes it stand out from all the sneakers. The zip tie hidden over the shoelace, the "air" inscription, the pipe cut off and sewn back on and many other features made it iconic.