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Megnyílt a True to Sole Bucharest!

True to Sole Bucharest has opened!

After months of preparations and feverish work, the evening of November 24, the opening event of True to Sole Bucharest VIP, was fast approaching. If you've ever been involved in any kind of construction or renovation, you know that "one more week" would always come in handy, but no matter how improbable it seems along the way, everything still comes together at the last minute!

This is what awaits you in our brand new store in Bucharest

On the busy lon C. Brătianu boulevard bordering Bucharest's old town, the brand new True to Sole Bucharest store awaited sneaker fans with its exciting interior design solutions, two large shoe walls filled with Jordan, Nike and Yeezy sneakers on the street level and two outstanding limited sneaker showcases at the European level, the lower level, we prepared a selection of streetwear (F.O.G Essentials, Sp5der, Travis Scott, VLONE) never before available in Romania. And on the upper level... well, we can't tell you what's going on here yet, but it will be revealed soon!

The VIP opening

The invited guests and influencers didn't just stop by, they stayed for a long time and partied with our team - in addition to trap beats, the party also spun to manele music: the glasses were emptied and many Insta Stories were made! It was evident that such a store had been eagerly awaited in Romania: several people said that they thought True to Sole Bucharest had now become the most beautiful store in the city!

The grand opening is on November 25

We could say that it was a short party, since we opened the next day - only that wouldn't be true :D Our team made up for the missed sleep with enthusiasm, and it was necessary, since hundreds of people were already waiting in the pouring rain for the opening at 10 o'clock in the morning on November 25th. to get in and take advantage of the 100 shoes available in the opening sale, which could be purchased at retail price. The first people in line didn't leave anything to chance, since they had already arrived the night before (some of them came from Brasov by train).

The crowd started from the opening, not only the local Romanian team, but also all of the colleagues from Hungary who came to help with the opening were needed to meet the huge interest and demand on the opening day. We thank everyone who came that day and for their patience - as we tried to serve everyone as much as possible!

These were the most popular sneakers

Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low Olive and Jordan 4 and Yeezy 350 sneakers proved to be the most popular, and the interest in Essentials and Sp5der clothes exceeded all our expectations - don't worry, the restock is on its way ;)

Each purchase comes with a copy of the True to Bucharest magazine prepared in honor of the opening, in which you can read about all our brands, the history of True to Sole, the Bucharest sneaker and streetwear culture, as well as the top list of the most popular sneakers in Romania.

The best is yet to come!

Once again, thank you to everyone who came to see us on opening weekend! Remember, this is just the beginning: from now on, month by month, you will find a bigger selection, new brands, exciting local events and sweepstakes waiting for you in Bucharest. The sneaker game will never be the same as it was before November 25th!

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