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Új True to Sole üzlet Budapest szívében - Július 25-én nyitunk!

New True to Sole store in the heart of Budapest - we open on July 25th!

In recent weeks, many of you have contacted us to inquire about the reopening of the True to Sole store. And if you followed us on Instagram or Facebook, you could see that "something is in the works" - a new, much bigger and cooler True to Sole store in the heart of Budapest.
It's not simply that we're moving to a bigger place: after the opening in July, you will be able to shop in a shop that has a concept, design and selection that has never existed in Hungary, or even in the surrounding countries.
But the opening of the store is not the only novelty: Dóra Sebastian, who is also a sneaker fan, has joined True to Sole along with its founder, Attila Pótor, and with the help of an expanded team, they are embarking on the implementation of the Big Plan. And what is it? Read the interview!

Attila, I'm asking you first! Where did the idea to open a new and bigger True to Sole store come from?

Attila: In December 2019, when our first part of the store opened in Petőfi Sándor Street, after the first few days we realized that we had practically outgrown it. Although the store was in a "tourist" area, many Hungarians came in from the first day to look around, shop - and, of course, buy.Interest in limited edition shoes is growing in Hungary and - although it is fashionable to bury the Yeezy fever - people are also looking for them. They want to go into a store and immediately buy a guaranteed original limited edition sneaker with expert help. This is True to Sole.

And where will the new store be?

Attila: It was important to maintain the downtown location, because it is easily accessible to Budapest residents and those coming from the countryside, and of course there are tourists there as well. The new business premises are located in Régi posta utca from Váci, just a few steps from Meki.

Speaking of tourists... we can't expect them for a while yet. Did you expect this?

There may not be any tourists at the moment, but we don't plan to in the short term. But the main reason why this matters less now is that we rely primarily on and rely on the Hungarian audience. Foreigners also visited the previous store regularly, but from the very beginning, domestic customers were in the majority.
But we are planning such a store that if a traveler visiting Budapest is interested in good sneakers and hype stuff, then the True to Sole store should be a fixed item on his agenda, just like a party in Gozsdu or a visit to one of our famous spas.

You tell us something about what to expect in the new business?

Attila: We have been waiting a long time to realize our own ideas in our own store, the time has now come. First and foremost: there will be a LOT of shoes, the most popular silhouettes of the most popular brands (yes, a lot of Yeezy too) And of course streetwear stuff: Supreme, BAPE, Off-White. Both new and mint condition. What's new is that there will not only be resell products: a good selection of premium sneakers, bags and accessories, and even sneaker art.

How can we encourage those who would like to buy?

Attila: Well, mostly because our entire stock is still available in the webshop. If you order, you can wear your new sneaker within a week. But if you can't let go of personal shopping, then you have to wait until July - we are working hard on the renovation and we want to be ready as soon as possible... But my business partner, Szebi, is responsible for the renovation and store design.

Szebi, before we get down to business, tell us a little about your background when you joined the True to Sole team?

Sebastian: Anyone who knows me knows that I have been very interested in sneakers since I was a child. Specifically, I never resold, but I gave and bought for my own share in Facebook groups. The shoe trade is in my blood, so to speak, as my father owns the national Sebastiano shoe chain (the similarity in name is no accident). It was my old dream to have a sneaker store, and I found a business partner for this in the person of Attila.

Attila has already hinted at what to expect in the new store. You are responsible for the design: how can you know what it will be like?

Sebastian: I've been to a lot of foreign stores in recent years, Flight Club, Sole Stage, RIF LA, Magnolia Park in Los Angeles were a great experience - and of course I've also been to many European stores. I noticed that in many places the resell shops are more reminiscent of such small outlet boutiques, where although the stuff is extremely expensive, the design is quite cheap and unpretentious.
Well, the new True to Sole store will be completely different: modern and high-quality design - one where you can tell a cool Story wherever you turn. But I don't want to shoot anything concrete in advance. It's not by chance that we covered the shop windows with foil... come and have a look when we're open! Believe me, it will be worth waiting for! The team is already preparing the opening event - fortunately, this is now also possible. The opening party will be our first but not our last event. We are also preparing for other movements, so it is worth following us on Instagram and Facebook.