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Végre megérkezett a Travis Scott Road to Utopia merch!

Travis Scott Road to Utopia merch is finally here!

July 28, 2023 was a red-letter holiday on the calendar for all Travis Scott fans. It's been almost five full years since 2018's Astroworld for Travis' new album, Utopia, which was released on this day.

Utopia concert at Piramis

For the Utopia album launch concert, Travis chose a rather special venue, the Pyramids in Giza, but here they thoroughly overdid themselves: as the date approached, question marks gathered around the concert - which eventually had to be canceled - and there was a guy who sold his house to be there be!
Of course, this also turned out to be fake, so you really shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet! However, it really happened that Travis fans ended up holding a spontaneous party at the venue of the missed concert in Giza. Anyway, according to Travis Scott's tweet ("X"?), the Egyptian concert will not be canceled permanently, it will only be held "sometime later", but a Roman concert at the Circus Maximus has already been announced for August 7.


The Utopia album was released

Fortunately, the album itself was released on time and of course we also listened to the new tracks. And we weren't alone in this: Utopia easily broke the record for the most streamed album in one day in 2023 on Spotify - and all 19 tracks are in Spotify's Top 20 U.S. is on the top list. Let's say as much as the fans waited for Utopia, it's not that surprising!
Based on the listenership, the top three songs and the God's Country video clip of FE!N with Bad Bunny and Weekend, MELTDOWN with Drake, and FE!N with the participation of Playboi Carti are also popular on YouTube.

Road to Utopia merch

Of course, merch related to the release of the album has also been dropped, but we still have to wait a bit for it to be available here. The great news is that True to Sole has received a huge restock of Road to Utopia merch t-shirts, hoodies, pants and accessories, and this is unique not only in Hungary, but also in all of Europe!
The collection released for the Road to Utopia concerts in London's O2 arena and Las Vegas is finally available in the True to Sole shop in Budapest and in the webshop! The clothes, designed in Travis' typical grunge and chaotic style, came in his favorite colors (brown, off-white, black). It's worth checking out the entire Road to Utopia collection and if you like something, snap it up, because the most popular pieces are quickly snapped up!

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