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Vigyázz! Csalók írnak a True to Sole nevében!

Be careful! Fraudsters write in the name of True to Sole!

We have learned that several fake profiles on Instagram, claiming to be True to Sole, have been created by unknown fraudsters. They usually use our logo as their profile picture, and their Insta name is only a few letters different from ours. Most of the time, they lie that you won a lottery and they want to extort your bank card information from you.

What do we do?

As soon as we become aware of such a fake profile, we immediately report it to Instagram!

What can you do?

Be careful, because the first thing you can do to avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters:

  • Always look carefully at the username! Original by @truetosole
    All the rest are bullshit!
  • If such a fake profile contacts you in a message or comment, let us know at and please report the profile to Instagram!
  • Don't fall for people who say "you won" or "they drew lots"!
  • Do not give any personal or financial data, password, PIN code to anyone in a message!
  • Do not click on any links you find in these messages!
  • If you happen to see a "plug" profile with our logo or a name similar to ours, don't fall for it, you can't order from us on Instagram! They usually sell fakes and try to use our name to create the appearance of authenticity and originality!

Do you have a question or need help?

  • If you are not sure whether we wrote it, send a screenshot to !
  • If the problem has already happened and you have given your bank card details to fraudsters, call your bank immediately and block the card and report it to the police!

Since originality and authenticity are the most important things to the True to Sole team, we pay special attention to weeding out all the scammers as soon as possible, but remember that it is also your responsibility to be careful!