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CAPITAL collection


The True to Sole CAPITAL collection is here!

The entire True to Sole team has its roots in Budapest: childhood and adult experiences, learning and work, love and friendship, parties and adventures - from Kőbánya to Normafá, from Óbuda to Deák tér, something comes to mind from every street and every square.

True to Sole's home is Budapest: we opened our first store in downtown Sándor Petőfi, and then our bigger and cooler store at Régi Posta utca 5 in 2020.

The True to Sole CAPITAL Collection brings back the inimitable "Budapest feeling" that makes us love our city so much and why millions of tourists come to us every year.

If you come to Budapest as a visitor and want to take an authentic memory home with you, then forget the artificial and forced souvenirs! Choose from the True to Sole CAPITAL Collection t-shirts, hoodies, hats and phone cases decorated with the reinterpreted symbols of Budapest.

Chain Bridge

If you ask a Budapest resident what the symbol of the city is, they will probably say "The Chain Bridge!" Of course, the first Pest-Buda permanent bridge, built on the initiative of István Széchenyi, with one of the lions, could not be left out of the CAPITAL Collection.

According to the urban legend, lions have no tongue and when this became an object of public ridicule, the sculptor János Marschalkó jumped into the Danube in shame. None of this is true: they have a language, it's just not visible from the sidewalk and the artist even won a bet with it.

True to Sole street sign

In downtown Budapest, black and white cast iron street name signs have been decorating street corners since the beginning of the 1900s. Of course, the True to Sole street on the front of the t-shirt doesn't exist (yet) - it refers to the fact that in 2020 we opened our new and bigger store at 5 Régi posta utca downtown, and in 2022 at 6 our central office and our warehouse, their coordinates (47°29'38"N 19°03'03"E) can be read in small print on the back of the t-shirt.

Did you know that in downtown Budapest, all the streets perpendicular to the Danube are numbered from the Danube?

Little Princess

The statue of the Little Queen sitting on the railing of the Dunakorzó in Pest does not represent the daughter of one of the crowned princes of Hungarian history, but the daughter of its creator. In 1989, sculptor László Márton created the statue of Évike on the occasion of Children's Day, who often and happily played in the princess costume made by her father.

We think that Évike would like to wear a Jordan 1 sneaker these days, so we "put" one on her feet :)

The Potty Policeman

In 2008, sculptor András Illyés' statue of the policeman Pocakos, posted jovially on the corner of Zrínyi utca and Október 6. utca, evokes the peaceful world of Budapest. In recent years, however, the world has become anything but more peaceful: that's why the nice policeman "received" a large machine gun from us. However, the symbol of peace, the dove, also appears on the graphic as it rests at the end of the pipe.

Of course, the pigeon is also a symbol of something else here in Budapest, since we only call them "rats with wings" in the "pesty" way.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was created by Zsigmond Strobl Kisfaludi in 1947 and is a perfect symbol of the controversial Hungarian history. It was erected in front of the Citadella fortress, which was built by the Austrians so that they could easily shell Pest, and during the Second World War, when the country "exchanged" one autocratic regime for another. The traditional symbol of peace and victory, the female figure holding a palm branch, had to wait another four decades before she could look down on a truly free Budapest.

Next to the statue, the inscription True to Sole is made in the style of members that we see every day in the city on walls, windows and everywhere - even though we shouldn't.

Just for tourists…?

Of course, the CAPITAL collection is also for us Budapest residents! Finally, a tip to see Budapest with fresh eyes: walk around the city for a day as if you were a tourist!