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Utopia Merch Drop Day @ True to Sole

Utopia Merch Drop Day @ True to Sole

On February 3, 2024, come to True to Sole store in Bucharest or Budapest and be the first to choose from the Travis Scott Utopia merch collection with a special drop discount and gifts - only on this day! Feel the Travis vibe and get the latest Utopia t-shirts and hoodies at True to Sole!

travis utopia merch drop 2024 TTS

Utopia - finally!

Travis Scott's latest album Utopia was released at the end of July 2023. Almost five years since Astroworld, no wonder we've been so excited! Utopia is not just an album, it's Travis Scott's vision of a perfect world, conveyed through deep and personal lyrics.

Travis Scott Utopia Merch

Of course, the Utopia album also came with merch t-shirts and hoodies - and you can find them in True to Sole stores and webshop in the biggest selection!

3 February Utopia Merch Drop Day @ True to Sole

On Saturday, 3 February 2024, from opening to closing, we will be holding Utopia Merch Drop Day in both True to Sole stores in Bucharest and Budapest with special discounts and gifts available only on this day. It's also worth stopping by for the Travis Scott vibe this day - and we've even got a game for you!

Utopia merch clothes at introductory prices

In our Bucharest and Budapest stores you can get Utopia merch t-shirts and hoodies at special introductory prices! These prices will be available only on this day and only in-store!

Gift with the purchase of two Travis Scott clothes

If you buy at least two (any) Travis Scott clothing in-store this day, you can choose a gift of a Travis Scott Las Vegas ashtray, Union Jack hat or Travis Scott keychain (subject to availability on local stock)!


travis utopia merch drop 2024 TTS


Surprise from the Utopia suitcase!

If you come in on Saturday, post an Insta Story (eg. with your life-size Travis figure ;) and show it to the store staff, you can get a surprise gift from the Utopia suitcase - which could be a sticker, crease protector, keychain, shoelace or True to Sole sneaker care product. And we'll even give you a free Monster in our Budapest store!

We're waiting, come and see us!

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