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5+1 ajándék ötlet sneaker rajongóknak

5+1 gift ideas for sneaker fans

If someone from your family, friends or colleagues likes sneakers and you want a gift that they will definitely be happy with, then take a look at our gift ideas - you can be sure with these!

1. Sneaker cleaners

The muddy, slushy weather will be with us for months to come, but if you give True to Sole cleaning and care products as a gift, your gifted sneaker can shine in its original shine again at any time! In the True to Sole Cleaning kit, you can find everything from cleaning agents to tools for shoe cleaning, and you can always have a piece of the True to Sole Cleaning Wipe in your bag or purse!

2. Key chains

Surprise someone with a keychain version of your favorite sneaker! Whether you wear the particular model or just have a desired grail, you will definitely be happy with the sneaker key chain, as it resembles the sneaker in every detail, from the colors to the shoe laces. Made of quality and durable plastic and collectable like the sneakers themselves!
Bonus tip: since there are so many sneaker models and colors available, you can decorate a complete "sneaker Christmas tree" with these key chains!

3. Cap

A hat is the perfect gift for cold weather - and for those who like to dress stylishly, a hat is a very important accessory! Before Christmas, we prepared Supreme, Sp5der and Drew hats, take a look around!

4. Socks

Come on, do you really want to give socks for Christmas? You couldn't think of a more commonplace gift - EXCEPT if the recipient is a sneaker fan, because then he pays attention to his socks as much as his sneakers - here you can choose from the current selection!

5. Gift Card

Giving a gift card instead of money is a much better idea, as you show that you know the taste of the recipient, and he will be able to spend it on what he wants!
The True to Sole gift voucher can be purchased in our Budapest store and in the webshop! In our store in Bucharest, the gift voucher cannot be redeemed at the moment.

+1. Sneaker or clothes from our Christmas sale or from our Budapest outlet

In our Budapest and Bucharest stores and in the webshop, we are waiting for you with Pleasant Christmas Prices - whether you want to gift someone else or yourself! Take a look around among the Christmas sale sneakers and clothes and if you like something, get it quickly, because these prices are only valid while supplies last!
And if you really want to have a good time, then visit the Pop-Up Outlet in Budapest (Régi posta utca 6.), where you can pick up last pairs and other "well-priced" shoes and clothes. For the current selection, follow Pop-Up Outlet's Instagram!

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