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Megérkezett a drew, Justin Bieber márkája!

drew, Justin Bieber's brand, has arrived!

Justin Bieber grew up before our eyes from a teen star and we could also watch his dressing style mature. This whole process culminated in his own brand, drew, which uses both plank and vintage elements and perfectly captures the atmosphere of the early two-reserved years. Well, let's see where it all started!

Justin Bieber was born in London, his mother raised him alone - in not very good financial circumstances. Little Justin's musical talent showed itself at an early age, this can already be seen in the first YouTube video uploaded of him, in which he sings NE-YO's song "So sick".

Playing on the steps of the Stratford Festival's Avon Theater, he already earned $3,000 and with the support of his manager, Scooter Braun, his rapid rise to popularity began, which can also be seen in the YouTube mini-series called Seasons.

The Supra era

In the first half of the 2010s, Justin's style was anything but understated - and many still can't forget this era. Most of the time, he dressed really flamboyantly: he wore his favorite color, purple, on many occasions, or appeared in red, faux leather trousers or purple sagger sweatpants with a panther print. And the shoes? Of course, only Supra - always in every case, even at the Grammys...

JB style is changing

Then, in the second half of the 2010s, when Justin's life was full of less and less scandals and he got over his addiction problems, his style started to mature. From there, the JB-style we know today began to develop: oversized t-shirts and hoodies, loose trousers and less and less kitsch and bling-bling. As for the shoes: we saw more and more of one of his favorite silhouettes, the Vans Slip, on his feet, in all kinds of colors.

Left and right Yeezy

Although Yeezy is not his favorite sneaker, when Justin-hype and Yeezy-hype combined, it exploded: Justin wore a pair of Yeezy 350 Cream White sneakers at one of his concerts in 2017 and threw them into the crowd at the end of the show. The left and right pair then went their separate ways online: the right pair was sold at an eBay auction for 5,000 euros, and the left pair got its own Insta profile under the name @theleftyeezy.

Justin has had several collabs, including affordable pieces, such as the joint collection made with H&M in connection with the Purpose Tour.

A drew house

The drew house brand was launched in 2018, which coincided with the big event of his life, his marriage (his wife Hailey Bieber's wedding dress also became famous, as it was designed by Virgil Abloh).

The drew brand is derived from Justin Bieber's middle name, Drew. The style of Drew House is relaxed, comfortable and "everyday". When it comes to the use of materials, they pay attention to ensure that each piece of clothing is of good quality and comfortable to wear.

The drew house selection includes t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants and jeans, and of course accessories: hats and socks.

A drew house dress is not difficult to recognize: in addition to the most common white and black, yellow and other bright colors attract attention, as do colorful patterns (among which the yellow-black 'smiley drew' logo is the most common.

With its minimalist design, it emphasizes the comfortable and stylish appearance and strongly echoes the graphics and elements reminiscent of the early 2000s.

Drew house a True to Sole-ban!

True to Sole brought you the drew house brand, check out the selection in our webshop, or drop by our store and see how the drew stuff suits you!

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