In 1984 Nike signed a contract with the then young basketball player Michael Jordan and the iconic Air Jordan 1 sneaker was born. And the Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker was released in 1985 as the first low-top sneaker designed for MJ.

Besides basketball players, it was also loved by an unexpected group of people: skateboarders found the low-top comfortable for tricks and the shoe could withstand sandpaper and constant arrivals. From its release to the present day, it has been available in countless colourways, making it easy for everyone to find the model that suits them best.

How to wear the Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker?

The sneaker dresses you up, whether it's a casual, sporty or elegant outfit. The Air Jordan 1 should be paired with baggy jeans, and if you're wearing shorts, make sure they're above the knee to make you look taller and give you a better overall look. Socks are a sneaker's best friend and you'll get a really clean look if they incorporate one of the main colour elements of your sneaker.The Air Jordan 1 Low Medium Grey will go well with almost any casual outfit, and if you're more into colourful and fun outfits, the Air Jordan 1 Low Pink Red is a good choice. With so many colourways available, you can easily put together a monochrome set with the Air Jordan 1 Low Yellow Strike!

Where should I order AJ1 Low shoes from?

With stores and online shops practically rushing out newer styles and unfortunately there are a lot of fake sneaker shops offering fake sneakers, the question arises: where to buy original Jordan shoes? At True to Sole, all shoes are individually tested and only then are they released to the store and webshop, so we are 100% sure that only original products are available. Each product carries the True to Sole Authenticity Tag", which proves that the shoe has been checked and found to be okay. Click here to learn more about the True To Sole Authenticity Guarantee!

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