The Nike story

The Nike brand was born in 1972, but its history goes back much further! Phil Knight, the brand ambassador, started it out as a small business, after graduating from college and returning home, he had the crazy" idea of selling Japanese sneakers in the United States. In 1962, he visited a sneaker factory in Kobe, and the Japanese took his intentions seriously and made him the US distributor for Tiger sneakers. Thus Blue Ribbon Sports was born, initially distributing from the trunk of Phil Knight's car and later from the basement of his parents' house. Later, the team was joined by coaching legend Bill Bowerman, who was also a "shoe maniac": he loved experimenting with running shoes, taking them apart, putting them back together and doing everything he could to help runners perform better.

Supporting the runners

Phil Knight loved to run. Running was not really considered a sport in the 1960s, and people who ran for leisure, for 'nothing', were often looked down upon. The main ingredient in the brand's success was that it took runners very seriously, and as a result both the sport and its products became increasingly popular.

What made Nike so popular?

The Nike Waffle Trainer was the first shoe that made a big splash in the early days, and the brand's popularity has been unbroken ever since, thanks to a host of engaging campaigns. Another big draw for the company is its celebrity collaborations. They've signed famous athletes like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, who only then really started their careers.

The most lucrative and successful collaboration for both the company and the sponsored was Nike's contract with the then young basketball star player Michael Jordan in 1984. Michael had never worn Nike products before and was planning to sign with Adidas, but after some persuasion he agreed to the offer and hit the court in Air Jordan shoes in the championship. It was a real boost for the brand and people literally stormed the shops to get their hands on an Air Jordan sneaker.

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Watch out for fakes!

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