The beginnings

With over 100 years of history, New Balance is one of the earliest representative of the sneaker brands. William J. Riley conceived the brand in 1906 in Boston, but at that time his focus was far from on designing shoes. He and his team began making insoles, inspired by the chickens that roamed his yard. He designed an insole that, like a chicken's foot, offers three points of support for the wearer, while providing the best possible stability and comfort.

The first New Balance sneaker

Years later, Riley was joined by American businessman Arthur Hall, with whom he developed the first New Balance sneaker in 1938. The shoe was made for the local running club known as the Boston Brown Bag Harriers. Interestingly, the running shoe had a kangaroo leather base and it improved the performance of the runners. As the years went by, the range of shoes was expanded to include sports such as boxing, tennis and baseball. On the day of the Boston Marathon in 1972, Jim Davis bought the company and took the original idea further.

A breakthrough in the shoe industry

The first shoe to feature the brand's iconic 'N' logo was the New Balance 320, which was named the number one running shoe on the market at the time by Runner's World magazine. It gained considerable popularity, and its popularity was further enhanced when names like Steve Jobs and Barack Obama started to wear New Balance sneakers.

New Balance nowadays

Nowadays, the brand has regained its popularity thanks to a number of collaborations and models designed by Bodega, JJJJound and Kith. Alongside classic silhouettes: the NB 992 or 550, the fresh 327 or 237 Casablanca have exploded in popularity.

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Watch out for fakes!

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