We help you to find the right sneaker size. Nike, Jordan or Yeezy: you can look up your foot size in the chart and find the fitting shoe size.

Jordan size chart

Nike size chart

Yeezy size chart

Sizing information

If the sneaker has normal sizing (True To Size or TTS), choose the size you need based on your foot size - or what you normally wear. Nike and Jordan sneakers are TTS in most of the cases.

"Runs small": if the sizing is smaller, than choose one size up (eg. 42 2/3 or 42.5 instead of 42).

"Runs large": these sneakers are a little bit larger that usual, so choose a smaller size (eg. 42 2/3 or 42.5 instead of 43 or 43 1/3)!

Always take a look at the product description and check out our sizing proposal.

Instore try-on and size swap

Most of the sneakers can be tried on in our Budapest store so you can select the best fitting size. There are some exceptions, like our very limited sneakers from the Grail Show Case.

If you ordered your sneaker online you may ask for size swap in 14 days counted from the delivery date - if the requested size is on stock of our Budapest store.