Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Please read our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) carefully, because by completing your order, you accept them. If you have any questions, please ask our customer service before completing your order!

1. General information about the consumer contract concluded between us by the purchase

The purchase of the product or products (hereinafter referred to as the “Product”) offered in the True To Sole webshop (hereinafter: the “Website”) between TTS HEADQUARTERS Zrt. (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Provider” or “we”) and you, as a consumer (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer” or “you” and collectively referred to as the “Parties”) shall be deemed to be a distance consumer contract concluded by electronic means (hereinafter referred to as the Contract).

Details of the Service Provider: TTS HEADQUARTERS Zrt., registered office: 1116 Budapest, Kondorosi út 12/A B. ép. 7. em. 3. ajtó, mailing address: 1116 Budapest, Kondorosi út 12/A B. ép. 7. em. 3. ajtó, email address: hello@truetosole.hu, company registration number: Cg. 01-10-141915, tax number: 32001897-2-43, court of registration: Company Court of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest, bank account number: OTP Bank 11710002-24141307, website: https://www.truetosole.hu details of the Hosting provider: Do Média Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, company registration number: 11-09-016434, tax number: 11743435- 2-11, registered office: 2500 Esztergom, Lőrinc utca 8. földszint 1., telephone: +36 33 999616, email: hello@domdom.hu

The content of the Agreement consists of the information and details provided on the Website and this GTC. The GTC contains the rights and obligations of the Customer and the Service Provider, the conditions of concluding the Contract, the deadlines for performance, the conditions of delivery and payment, the rules of liability, and the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal.

We are entitled to change the GTC, so read it before each order. The amended GTC is valid from the time of publication on the website, it does not affect the orders confirmed before that. The Agreement shall not be deemed to be in writing and shall not be filed. The language of the Agreement is Hungarian. In particular, the following legislation applies to the Contract: Act CLV of 1997 on Consumer Protection; Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues in Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services; Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (Civil Code); Government Decree 151/2003 (IX. 22.) on the mandatory warranty for certain durable consumer goods; Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) on the detailed rules of contracts between a consumer and a business; (IV. 29.) Decree of the Ministry for National Economy on the procedural rules for handling warranty and guarantee claims for things sold under a contract between a consumer and a business.

1.1 Partial Invalidity

If any of the clauses of this GTC is legally invalid or incomplete, the other clauses of the contract remain valid and the applicable legal provisions are applicable instead of the invalid or defective part.

1.2 Key characteristics of the products

We provide detailed information on the essential features of the products that can be ordered on the Website in the descriptions of each product. The data and images on the product page are for information only. The images are sometimes illustrations, the colors on the screen may differ slightly from the actual colour of the product.

There are new, used and resell products available on the website.

Used products are marked in the product description.

Resell products are sourced from official retailers. These products are only considered used products legally due to their resale. They are not covered by the warranty, but you can assert your supply warranty rights in the same way as for other products purchased on the website, with one difference: the supply warranty claim expires within one year from the date of fulfillment. Of course, you also have the right of withdrawal according to Article 20 of Government Decree 45/2014 (II. 26.), i.e. you can withdraw from the contract without giving a reason and return the product within 14 calendar days, in accordance with the rules set out in point 6 (“Information on your right of withdrawal”).

1.3 Prices

Prices are displayed in Hungarian Forint (HUF). For information, you can also check prices in euros (EUR) and lei (RON) or Czech koruna (CZK), based on our current exchange rates. Our actual exchange rates apply. Prices always include VAT. The total price consist of the price of the Product and the delivery fee. Prices are for information purposes only. We reserve the right to change the price. There is a possibility that a price error may be displayed on the Website due to a typo or technical error. This is the case when there is a marked difference from a well-known, generally accepted price of a product. In case of an incorrect price, we cannot accept the order (in the legal sense, the Customer’s offer). In case of an order placed at the wrong price, we will contact you by email or phone and inform you about the correct price. If you do not wish to order the product at the stated correct price, you can cancel the order without any consequences, so the Contract will not be concluded.

1.4 Code of Conduct

We do not have a code of conduct under the Unfair Commercial Practices Act.

1.5 Copyright

Pursuant to Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright (hereinafter: the Copyright Act), the Website, including certain elements of its content, in particular texts, images, videos, as well as their layout and the code of the Website, is considered copyrighted work, so all parts of it are protected by copyright. You may not use the Website without our permission or use any application that may modify the Website or any part thereof. Any material can be taken from the website and its database only with our consent, only with a link to the Website and a clear indication of the source.

2. The process of concluding the Contract

2.1 Selecting the Product

You can browse products by using the search bar or the menu bar categories. On each product page, you can view the key characteristics of the products (material, colour, technical details, sizing, size range) and product images. Product images are illustrations, colors on the screen and in reality may differ slightly.

2.2 Adding a product to the cart

If you would like to buy one or more products, click the "ADD TO CART" button on the product page. By adding something to your cart, you are not yet required to purchase and pay.

2.3 Viewing the cart, changing its contents

In the "CART" menu item in the header, you can always see how many products are in it and what the total amount of the cart is. By clicking on the "CART" button, you can change the contents of your cart until the order is finalized: you can remove the product already in it (even all, emptying it completely), add other product or products, change the number of products you want to order with the plus and minus buttons. If you want to order the products added to the basket, click the "CONTINUE" button.

2.4 Providing Information

Pressing the "CONTINUE" button will take you to the Checkout page. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate back and forth in the process, but you can even cancel your purchase. You can choose to shop with or without logging in. If you haven't logged in yet, you can do so here by entering your previously registered email address and password. Enter your name and shipping address. In the next steps, select your shipping and payment methods, and you can use your coupon code here. If the billing address does not match the shipping address, enter the billing information. After all this is completed, the next is the "Order Summary".

2.5 Completing the order

It is very important that you review your order before completing it and make sure all information is correct. In order to complete your order, you shall read and accept this GTC and accept the payment obligation associated with the order. Press the "CONTINUE" button. Legally, this is your Offer to us. If we do not confirm this as described in section 2.7, you will be released from your offer.

2.6 Processing and then confirming your order and concluding the Contract

You will receive an automatic information email with all the important details of your order after completion. Legally, this does not mean the acceptance of your Offer by us or the conclusion of a Contract between you and us. If this informational email does not arrive within 24 hours, or you see that it contains some incorrect information (misspelled name, incorrect address, incorrect product), please contact our customer service immediately. If we are able to fulfil your order, we will confirm it by email, and legally this means the conclusion of the Contract between you and us.

2.7 Impossibility of fulfilling your order, partial fulfillment

Please note that any technical errors on the Website, or factors that may make it impossible to fulfil your order (such as an price error on the Website due to a technical error or human negligence, an administrative error, unexpected stock shortage, factory defect discovered on the product before shipment, force majeure event). In such cases, we reserve the right to fully or partially refuse orders that have already been confirmed. In this case, we will contact you immediately to find a solution. If we can only partially fulfil your order, then we will always contact you in advance about this and we will only deliver if you accept partial performance. If you have paid for the Product or Products in advance, we will refund the full purchase price to you within 4 working days!

2.8 Safe use of the webshop

Please keep your email address and phone number up to date and notify us of any changes. We recommend that you always use an email address that you can access at any time. Do not share the password associated with your email address with anyone else and change it regularly.

We recommend that you enter a password in the webshop that you do not use elsewhere. If anyone asks for your username, password, credit card details or other details on our behalf or referring to us, please do not reply to them and notify us of any such attempts at support@truetosole.hu.

2.9 Options for correcting data entry errors

You have the opportunity to change the entered data at any time before the order is completed. Before completing your order, you can check all the important details of your order on the order summary page. Please review these very carefully, especially the shipping and billing address, so that you can notice and correct any errors before completing your order. You can make the correction by going back to the given input field, which you can do with the “back” and “forward” buttons of the browser or with the buttons of the Website interface. If you become aware of any errors or inaccuracies after completing your order, please contact us: support@truetosole.hu.


2.10 Liability for the accuracy of the information provided

Please note that you are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided during your order. You shall bear the costs or damages resulting from incorrect or inaccurate data entry. We exclude our liability for performance based on inaccurate data provision. If you have entered your email address incorrectly or your email service provider is permanently or temporarily malfunctioning, or your email storage is full, and any of these will prevent the delivery of our order confirmation, it may also prevent the conclusion of the Contract.

3. Payment methods

3.1 Payment by card when completing the order

You can pay with MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron cards. Card payment is free of charge for you. For Maestro and Visa Electron cards, the issuing bank determines whether it can be used for online shopping. If you are unsure, please, ask your bank's customer service before making a purchase! Card payments are made through the Stripe system.

Card payments are charged in Hungarian Forint (HUF). Stripe card payments are made on a secure payment page, where you initiate the transaction by entering your card details. After entering the card details, you need to check that the details are correct. Transaction processing starts in the bank's processing systems. You will be notified by email about the success of your payment.


Tips for secure card payments

We do not have access to the information you provide on the Stripe payment page, we only receive confirmation of the success or failure of the payment. Never enter your card number, expiration date or the three-digit CVC2 / CVV2 code on the back of the card outside of the Stripe payment page (e.g. by email, message, phone)! We never ask for card information in this way, so if anyone on our behalf were to ask you for the above information, it was probably a phishing attempt. Do not provide the data and notify us and your card-issuing bank immediately! You can find more information about Stripe online payment here.

3.2 Payment upon receipt (Cash on Delivery, COD)

You can also pay for your order when you receive the package. This payment method is available in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Czechia only. In case of delivery to your home, you are only able to pay in cash at the courier.

4. Shipping methods

4.1 Shipping in the territory of Hungary

You can request your order to be delivered to your address in Hungary. Orders that do not exceed the value of HUF 50,000 will be delivered for a shipping fee of HUF 1,990. All orders over HUF 50,000 are delivered free of charge in Hungary. Our contracted logistics partner is GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Kft. Once we have handed over your package for delivery, you will receive a shipping notification by email and then more information about delivery on the day of delivery.

Restriction on the option of free shipping to first delivery

Free shipping / pick-up only applies to the first delivery. In case of resending due non-receipt, a shipping fee will be charged.

4.2 Shipping outside the territory of Hungary

We will deliver your order to any country. International shipping fees:

  • Romania HUF 4,490 (RON 59)
  • Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia HUF 5,490 (EUR 14)
  • Czechia HUF 5,490 (CZK 341)
  • Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria HUF 6,990 (EUR 18)
  • Denmark, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain: HUF 9990 (EUR 25)
  • All other countries of Europe HUF 11,990 (EUR 30)
  • All other countries of the world outside Europe HUF 19,990 (EUR 50)

5. Deadline for fulfillment

The general deadline for the fulfillment of orders is a maximum of 30 days from the confirmation of the order. This shipping deadline is for information only, the expected delivery date of the specific order will be sent in the order confirmation email. By accepting this GTC, you acknowledge that we expressly exclude our liability for damages due to exceeding the specified delivery time.


In the case of products marked with "48H EXPRESS SHIPPING", orders placed on working days will be packed and handed over to the courier service for delivery within 48 hours.

For different sizes of the same product the availability with “48H EXPRESS SHIPPING” may vary.

Orders placed on a non-working day will be packed and handed over for delivery on the first working day.

If your order includes a product that is not covered by the "48H EXPRESS SHIPPING" option the delivery time specified in section 5 will apply to the delivery of the order.

6. Information about your right of withdrawal

Pursuant to Section 20 of Government Decree 45/2014 (II. 26.), you shall have the right to withdraw from the Contract without giving reasons. In short, under the terms and conditions listed below, you may return the product ordered on the Website to us at your own expense, and we will refund all or part of the purchase price of the product or the cost of shipping.

6.1 Deadline for the indication of your intention to withdraw

You can notify us of your intention to withdraw immediately after confirming your order, you do not need to wait for the receipt of the product. You shall clearly state your intention to withdraw to us within 14 calendar days of receiving the product, which you shall do via email or a written registered letter). It is your responsibility to prove that you have made a statement within the time limit. You have the opportunity to withdraw from the product within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product by you or a third party designated by you when ordering. If your order contained multiple items and they were shipped at different times, this 14-day period begins on the date of receipt of the last shipped item in the order.

6.2 Sample statement for withdrawal

Please send us the following downloadable statement sample or a statement containing the same information to either the email address support@truetosole.hu or by registered mail to the following address: 1102 Budapest, Állomás utca 4. Fszt. 3. Addressed to: True To Sole Kft. Email address: support@truetosole.hu Address: 1102 Budapest, Állomás utca 4. Fszt. 3. I/We, the undersigned, declare that I/We exercise my/our right of withdrawal / termination in respect of the contract for the sale of the following product (s) or the provision of the following service: Date of conclusion of the contract / date of receipt: Order or invoice number: Name of the consumer(s): Address of the consumer(s): Signature of the consumer(s): (only in case of a statement written on paper) Date:

6.3 Obligations and conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal:

6.3.1 Confirmation of your statement of withdrawal

We will confirm receipt of your statement of withdrawal in writing (usually by email). If you have submitted your statement electronically and you do not receive a confirmation from us within 3 working days, please repeat it by registered mail, enclosing a copy of the email sent.

6.3.2 Returning the Product

If a True to Sole Authenticity tag is attached to the product, then it only can be returned with a tag not tampered with.

No later than 14 calendar days from the date of your statement of withdrawal, you shall return the product to our address or at your own expense, using a shipping method that provides credible proof of the fact and date of dispatch. Delivery within the deadline must be accomplished by you in a documented way.

6.3.3 Refund

If you withdraw from the Contract based on the above, we will refund the full purchase price, including the normal shipping fee, no later than 14 calendar days after becoming aware of the withdrawal. If you have used free shipping, shipping will not be refunded. We would like to inform you that if you have used a more expensive shipping method than normal-priced shipping, we will only refund the normal shipping fee. You will receive the refund amount according to your payment method. If you expressly agree to this during our discussions, we may make the refund using a different payment method.

Please note that if you enter your bank account number or postal address incorrectly or inaccurately, we cannot be held responsible for any delay or non-refund. We reserve the right to withhold a refund until the returned product has arrived to us or you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have shipped it. Of these two, the earlier date is taken into account. The cost of return must be borne by you; we cannot accept cash on delivery or "addressee pays" deliveries.

6.4 Depreciation

Please note that you are responsible for any depreciation resulting from use in excess of the usage required to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the product: you are only entitled to a full refund if the product and its packaging remain intact, new, resale. In the case of shoes, this means an undamaged shoe box and only clean shoes that have been tried indoors and the full presence of any other accessories in the box (such as shoelaces, tags, labels, inserts, accessories). If there are visible signs of use, dirt or incomplete contents on the product you have returned, we can only refund a reduced amount. The amount of the refund reduction is determined on the basis of the current condition of the product and packaging. If for any of the above reasons we are unable to provide a full refund, we will contact you in writing at one of the contact details provided in your statement of withdrawal or order and will provide the amount of the refund with a justification. If you do not agree with the amount of the refund, you have the right to make a complaint as specified in the Complaint Handling section of this GTC.

6.5 Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

Please note that you may not exercise your right of withdrawal in the cases provided for in Article 29 (1) of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.), in particular in the case of points “c” and “e”: (c) in case of a non-prefabricated product which has been manufactured following consumer’s instructions or at the express request of the consumer, or which is clearly personalized to the consumer; (e) in case of a sealed product which cannot be returned after opening for health or hygiene reasons. If you pre-order a product according to point 11 of the GTC, then you may also not exercise your right of withdrawal as set forth in subparagraph "a": "in the case of a contract for the provision of a service, after performance of the service as a whole, where the business has commenced performance with the consumer's express prior consent and the consumer has acknowledged that they lose their right of withdrawal after performance of the service;"

If a True to Sole Authenticity tag is attached to the product, and it is removed or it is tampered with, then withdrawal request cannot be accepted.

7. Complaint handling

The most important thing for us is your satisfaction with the purchased product and the shopping experience. If you experience an issue or have a consumer complaint about our product or service, you can reach out to us at the following contacts: Email: support@truetosole.hu via postal mail: 1102 Budapest, Állomás utca 4. Fszt. 3. We strive to resolve your complaint as soon as possible, at the latest within 30 days, and to make any repairs or replacements within a maximum of 15 days. If you do not agree with the handling of your consumer complaint or it is not possible to investigate your complaint, we will take a record of your complaint and our position on it, with a copy to you by email. If you contact us with a warranty problem, we will record the claim and confirm receipt of the product with a receipt. The records are kept for five years and are presented at the request of the audit authorities.

8. Your Enforcement Options

If we are unable to remedy your consumer complaint properly during our consultations, you have the following enforcement options:

8.1 Submitting a complaint with the competent consumer protection authorities in your place of residence

The first-instance consumer protection tasks are performed by the district office competent for your place of residence, a list of which can be found by clicking here. They will investigate the complaint and decide whether it is appropriate to pursue consumer protection proceedings in the matter.

8.2 Contacting the Conciliation Body

You are also entitled to lodge a consumer complaint with the competent Conciliation Body of your place of residence or stay, which is responsible for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, advice and an attempt to reach an agreement. If the conciliation fails, the panel will take a decision on the particular consumer dispute. Budapest Arbitration Board Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. Telephone number: +36 1 488 2131 Fax number: +36 1 488 2186 Email address: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu You can find more information about the Conciliation Bodies, the content and form requirements of the application to be submitted to them, and the contact details of the territorially competent bodies by clicking here.

8.3 Online Dispute Resolution Platform

The European Union has set up a website where consumers and businesses can settle their disputes over online shopping without having to go to court. Here it is possible to select by common agreement the dispute settlement body to be entrusted with the handling of the complaint. The online dispute resolution platform is available by clicking here.

8.4 Initiation of legal proceedings

In connection with the Contract concluded between us, you are entitled to enforce your claims arising from the consumer dispute in court in the framework of civil proceedings following the provisions of the Civil Code.

9. Accessory Warranty, Product Warranty, Guarantee

This point was prepared on the basis of the authorization of Article 9 (3) of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) on the basis of Annex 3 of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.).

9.1. Accessory Warranty

When can you use your accessory warranty right? You may enforce an accessory warranty claim against us in the event of our defective performance under the terms of the Civil Code.

What rights do you have under your accessory warranty claim?

You have the following accessory warranty claims options: You may request repair or replacement, unless fulfillment of the claim you have selected is impossible or would result in disproportionate additional costs for us to meet other claims. If you did not or could not request a repair or replacement, you may request a pro-rata reduction of the service, or you may repair the defect at our expense, or you may withdraw the contract as a last resort. You may also revert to another accessory warranty right from the one you selected, but you shall bear the cost of the transition, unless it was justified or we made the change necessary.

What is the deadline for your accessory warranty claim?

You can claim your product warranty within two years of the product being marketed by the manufacturer. Upon expiry of that period, you shall lose this entitlement.

Against whom can you enforce your accessory warranty claim?

You may enforce your accessory warranty claim against us, the Service Provider.

What are the other conditions for enforcing your warranty rights?

Within six months of fulfillment, there are no conditions other than the notification of the defect to enforce your warranty claim, only proof that you have purchased the product from us. However, after six months from the date of performance, you are also required to prove that the defect you identified was already present at the time of performance.

9.2. Product Warranty

When can you exercise your product warranty rights?

In the event of a defect in a movable item (product), you may, depending on your choice, file an accessory warranty claim or a product warranty claim.

What are your rights under your product warranty claim?

A product warranty claim only allows you to request the repair or replacement of the defective product.

When is a Product defective?

A product is defective if it does not meet the quality requirements applicable at the time of placing it on the market or if it does not have the characteristics given by the manufacturer.

What is the deadline for enforcing your product warranty claim?

You can claim your product warranty within two years of the product being marketed by the manufacturer. Upon expiry of that period, you shall lose this entitlement.

Against whom and under what other conditions can you claim your product warranty claim?

You can claim your product warranty only against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable item. You must prove the defect of the product if you claim a product warranty.

In what cases is the manufacturer (distributor) exempt from product warranty?

The manufacturer (distributor) shall only be exempt from product warranty if they can prove that:

  • the product was not manufactured or placed on the market in the course of its business, or
  • the defect was not recognized at the time of placing it on the market, or
  • the defect in the product results from the application of a legal or regulatory requirement.

The manufacturer (distributor) must justify one reason for exemption. Please note that you cannot enforce an Accessory Warranty and Product Warranty Claim simultaneously for the same defect. However, if your Product Warranty Claim is effectively enforced, you may enforce your Accessory Warranty Claim against the replaced Product or part with the manufacturer.

9.3. Guarantee

When can you claim your warranty?

In accordance with Annex 1 of Government Decree 151/2003 (IX. 22.) on the statutory guarantee for durable products in case of defective performance Seller is obliged to provide a guarantee on new durable goods are covered by a statutory guarantee.

What are your rights and within what time limit are you entitled to a guarantee?

The guarantee claim is valid during the guarantee period. If upon the entitled party’s claim the guarantor does not comply with the obligation within the deadline, the guarantee shall be enforced in court within three months of the expiry of the deadline even if the guarantee period has expired. Failure to comply with this time limit will result in loss of rights. Otherwise, the rules governing the exercise of accessory warranty claims should apply to the enforcement of a guarantee claim.

The guarantee period depends on the price of the product: between HUF 10 000 and 100 000: one year, between HUF 100 001 and 250 000 two years, above HUF 250 000: three years.

Failure to comply with this time limit will result in loss of rights. The guarantee period begins on the day of product delivery to the consumer or, in the case of commissioning by the company or its agent on the day of commissioning. The guarantee period is extended with the time period when you are not able to use product.

If the impossibility of repair becomes apparent during the first repair attempt or within 30 days of reporting the problem, or it had been repaired three times and becomes faulty for the fourth time, the product will be replaced or refunded.

When is the Seller Released from guarantee?

The Seller shall not be released from its guarantee obligation unless it proves that the cause of the defect occurred after performance. Please note that due to the same defect, an Accessory Warranty and a Guarantee Claim and a Product Warranty and Guarantee Claim cannot be enforced concurrently, otherwise you will be entitled to the rights arising from the guarantee, irrespective of your warranty entitlement.

10. Provisions in case of ‘resell products’

Our resell products are product