The Air Jordan story

1984. This is when the first Air Jordan sneaker exploded onto the public scene and has remained one of the most iconic representatives of the brand ever since.

It all started when Nike offered a contract to the then 21-year-old basketball star, Michael Jordan. The young player's heart was then drawn to adidas or Converse, which, incidentally, was the official NBA sneaker at the time. Eventually, with the encouragement of his sports agent David Falk and his parents, he agreed to a Nike contract, and how right he was!

The first Air Jordan sneaker came in multiple colors, and got everyone's attention. Michael started the season in a black and red sneaker, but the league started penalising him because the rules required the sneaker to be white. The value of the fines kept growing, but Nike co-founder Phil Knight paid for everything, as the banned basketball shoe" had huge advertising value, and with it, the Air Jordan became more and more popular. People literally stormed the stores to get their hands on a coveted Air Jordan. In the 80's and 90's they were a must have shoe, this still continues to this day, moreover, in recent years retro Air Jordan 1's have become hugely popular again!

By us you can find the most popular Jordan shoes

We have all the most popular Jordan models at True to Sole! From the iconic Air Jordan 1, models designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield and among the firsts, the Air Jordan 3, the now classic Air Jordan 4, the first translucent-soled model, the Air Jordan 5 and the Air Jordan 7, which debuted at the NBA Championships.

What is the difference between Jordan 1 Low, Mid and High models?

The true smash hit, the Air Jordan 1 High sneaker was the first to hit the market and almost instantly became a household name! You can easily recognise this sneaker by its high top with nine eyelets. Also a distinctive feature is the "Nike Air" branding on the tongue.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid sneaker has been gaining popularity in the recent times. The sneaker is inspired by the Jordan 1 High, of course, but the lower upper and other unique features of the model are also present. If at first look you're not sure if it's a Jordan Mid or High sneaker, just count the number of eyelets! The Mid has eight eyelets and the iconic Jumpman logo is placed on the tongue by the designer.

The Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker also debuted in 1985 and has become one of the most popular low-top sneakers not only among skaters but also among everyone. The sneaker features the iconic tickings, the Jordan Wings Logo and the signature "Nike Air" on the tongue.

What outfits does the Jordan sneaker match with?

The Air Jordan 1 OG colourways go well with almost any streetwear outfit! Just throw on a loose fit jean and a clean-cut T-shirt and dress up your outfit with a pair of Jordan sneakers. There are so many colourways that have appeared in the last few years, be it any monochrome outfit you're sure to find a perfect Air Jordan to match your outfit. The Air Jordan 1 Retro High Dark Mocha is a very popular choice, its simplicity makes it a great pick to pair with almost any outfit. If you're a fan of mid sneakers, check out the Air Jordan 1 Mid Gym Red Black White! For a sportier look, the equally popular Air Jordan 1 Low Bred Toe sneaker can be a great way to dress it up!

You'll find 100% original Jordan shoes by us - we guarantee it!

How can you be sure you're ordering an oroginal sneaker? Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes out there, and scammers can easily stiff you. With us, you can be 100% sure you're getting original sneakers, find out more about our True to Sole Authenticity Guarantee here! All our shoes have the True to Sole Authenticity Tag" on them, this also proves that they have been checked and found to be okay.

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