Kanye West is one of the most famous rappers of all time - but he's not just known for his music. In the early 2010’s he started to try himself out in fashion designing. After he’d collaborated with a few of the biggest designer and sports brands, Adidas finally found him, which was followed by the release of the first Adidas Yeezy in 2013.

The perfect “dad-shoe”, the Adidas Yeezy 700

Wait, what does a “dad-shoe” even mean? That’s a fair question. The meaning of “dad-shoe” is simple, but more complex than it may sound at first. We call certain shoes that way because of their perfect durability, awesome comfort, and chunky shape. Owing to the boost midsole, the comfort is obvious. Due to the premium mesh-suede upper, the durability’s also undebatable and the futuristic, chunky shape gives you that extra look to spice up your best outfit.

Improvements following the big success

The unbreakable hype which was followed by the release in 2017 gave the desire to Kanye and Adidas to create many new colorways. However, this wasn’t enough for the fans, they needed something new, therefore in 2018 the artist and the German brand released a new version of the shoe, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v2. Other than small improvements qualitywise and a slightly different look, not many things had changed.

Not until 2019, when Adidas released the 700 v3 which was basically a completely new shoe. The sneaker received a fresher shape, which wasn’t as chunky as its “ancestors”. It’s much narrower, more elegant than the v1 or the v2. Not only did the shape change, but the technology in the midsole as well. The boost was changed to EVA foam, which is a slightly durable, but harder material. Luckily, the shoe stayed just as comfortable as the previous editions.

How to style the Yeezy 700’s?

Thanks to the three versions of the silhouette, everyone’s able to find the perfect fit for themselves. We strongly recommend trying a slim straight or straight pair of either jeans or cargos with the 700 v1’s and v2’s. Although the shoes are a true work of art, it makes a perfect match with some good-looking pants covering it a bit and by that giving the true Kanye vibe. However, it’s a completely different case with the v3’s. That futuristic, slim look shouldn’t be covered, so we’d wear it with either skinny jeans or a nice pair of chinos.

Be careful of fakes!

Unfortunately, as any other sneaker on the market, the Yeezy 700s are also being faked. Countless of them are made every day, so make sure to buy yours from a fully trustable source. We, at True to Sole, purchase only original sneakers from our extensive and reliable partner network, which can be documented and traced back to the first sale by an authorized distributor. Our experienced team inspects each shoe that arrives to us before appearing in the store and on the webshop. This process makes sure only authentic sneakers are available in our selection and the one you purchase from us will be 100% legit too. Each shoe passing our legit check will receive a “True to Sole Authenticity Tag”. If you wish to know more about this process, click here!

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