Do you like it but your size is not available? Pre-order and we will get it for you!

Get familiar with the pre-order process of True to Sole and submit your request by clicking the link at the bottom the page.

Provide product details, size, contact information and shipping/pickup method.

Within 5 working days we will send you an email regarding:

  • if your pre-order can be fulfilled,
  • what the estimated price is and how much deposit you need to transfer.
  • The deposit amount depends on the estimated price of pre-ordered goods and varies from 30 000 to 500 000 HUF.

Your pre-order is only confirmed when we receive the deposit.

We do our best to get the pre-ordered goods for you as soon as possible - within 30 days latest. When we are able to supply your order a successful purchase notification is sent to you.

When the preordered goods have arrived at our store, we notify you about the details for store pick-up or delivery.

For instore pick-ups, the remaining amount can be settled by cash or card payment. For delivery, the remaining amount can be settled by cash to the courier.


The complete True to Sole Pre-Order Policy is available in our General Terms and Conditions (Point 11.)


There are no size swaps available for pre-ordered goods.

Prior to the successful purchase notification, you may cancel your pre-order at anytime and get your deposit fully refunded.

If you cancel your pre-order after having received the successful purchase notification (or accepting the final price) we cannot refund your deposit. As the purchasing of the pre-ordered goods counts as a service contract, cancellation is not possible according to 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government Decree 29. § (1) section a) point.

If the 30 days purchasing period expires, we get in contact with you about the extension possibility of the purchasing period by another 30 days. If the period is prolonged, the same conditions apply. If you decide not to prolong the purchasing period, your pre-order will be cancelled and the deposit will be refunded. Because purchasing is affected by external circumstances, if the purchase is not successful, no fault can be imputed to True to Sole. Only the original amount of the deposit is refunded.