A stylish pair of socks is a must with a good sneaker! But what kind of socks go well with sneakers? In addition to the current fashion trends, there are a few basic rules to follow if you want to achieve a good match between your sneakers and socks.

The main thing about streetwear fashion nowadays is that you can mix and match almost anything, but at True to Sole we think that a sneaker goes best with a sporty style of sock.

Made from a thicker material, ribbed at the shaft and stitched at the heel and toes, sports socks (also known as tennis socks) are the most popular wear amongst sneakerheads. Of these, white and black are usually the most popular colours, as you can wear them with most colourways.

All brands have basic socks, usually called "crew socks", "everyday socks" or "basic socks". The decoration is usually just the brand logo at ankle height: a Nike tick or adidas logo. What you should always keep in mind: always match the brand of the socks and the sneaker, so Nike socks for Nike shoes, adidas socks for Yeezy. Of course, socks from UNREAL or other streetwear brands can be worn with any sneaker.

The trend of colourful and patterned socks has been spreading to the world of sneakers for several years now. Our advice is to match the colour of your socks as closely as possible to your sneakers, for example using a colour matching your shoes or complementing them well. Tie-dye socks, which are also available from us, have been very popular for a while now, and they go well with a vintage outfit, or if the rest of your outfit is plain, a tie-dye sock can add some variety to it.

The height of the socks is also an important aspect: for no-show socks, it's enough to make sure it's comfortable and made of good material as it won't show through the shoe anyway, but for ankle socks or knee socks, pay attention to what we said above about matching brands and colours!

If you pull a sock fully up, you can't usually miss it, but it's also become fashionable recently to wear socks with a sloppy pull down or a bit creased.

For a while it was a taboo to wear socks with slippers or socks with sandals, but this has loosened up a bit: the sock and slipper combo (especially if it's a Nike Benassi or a Yeezy Slide) is becoming more popular and the Yeezy Foam RNNR is also worn with socks (although it's not really clear whether the Foam RNNR is a sneaker, slipper or sandal :)

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