If you are a true sneakerhead, you should not only have sneakers on your feet, but also on your key ring :D True to Sole sneaker keyrings are finely crafted and premium quality. Even the smallest details are reminiscent of the original models, including colours, inscriptions, unique features and even have a real laces. We know your keys won't go easy on your sneaker keychain, so they're made from quality, durable plastic to give you long-lasting use.

So which one should you choose? Now that's a tougher question, because we literally have a huge range of keyrings, from the most popular Yeezy, Jordan and Nike silhouettes and colourways to super limited edition custom versions! So there you can have your coveted grail sneaker hanging next to your keys - or the same one you've got on your feet. Not only can you use them as keyrings, but they can also be used as decorations and even gifts, and they're just as collectible as sneakers :)

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