Nike's most iconic representative, the Air Jordan, first saw the light of day in 1984 when the brand signed a contract with then basketball star Michael Jordan. Contrary to the rules of the game, Michael started the season in a black and red shoe instead of the required snow white and was fined a hefty amount. In fact, as the 'banned basketball shoes' remained on the court the penalty rate kept increasing, but Nike paid all the fines. The ban only made the sneaker more popular and hundreds of fans were looking for the coveted model in stores.

The first Mid Jordans

Following the launch of the Air Jordan 1 High and Air Jordan 1 Low, the now popular Air Jordan 1 Mid sneaker was introduced in the 2000s as a more accessible alternative to the Air Jordan 1 High sneaker.

Details of the Jordan Mid

The mid top version is inspired by the Jordan 1 High OG, but has its own unique features even with the shorter upper! It is easily distinguishable from the High models by the number of eyelets, yet the Mid shoes have 8 eyelets the High models have 9 eyelets. The sneakers still feature the iconic Nike ticking, and the Jumpman logo on the tongue of the shoe with the inscription Air" underneath.

Success after 2020

People literally stormed the stores in the 80s and 90s to get their hands on an Air Jordan 1 High or Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker. By contrast, the much later released Air Jordan 1 Mid didn't explode into the public consciousness in the same way. Perhaps one reason for this was that Michael Jordan never wore it on the court. However, it did become more popular later on as women were keen to wear the silhouette. As more and more people were looking for Mid sneakers, more and more special styles were introduced and today they are as popular as their forerunners.

Outfit tips for Air Jordan 1 Mid shoes

Wear your Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers with pride! The question is, what to wear them with? The answer is simple, it's a great addition to almost any outfit! Whether it's jeans or a more comfortable jogger, you can't go wrong with a Mid. If you're looking for a classic, the Air Jordan 1 Mid Gym Red Black White sneaker is a good choice. And for those who prefer a more clean style, there's the Air Jordan 1 Mid Carbon Fiber All-Star, but we've got plenty of other colourways to choose from too!

Watch out! Jordan Mid shoes are also faked!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake shoes on the market and in most cases it is not easy to spot fake sellers and fake sneakers. How can you be sure you are ordering original sneakers? True to Sole ensures 100% that you receive original shoes. All the models in our store in Budapest and in our webshop are tested and then marked with the True to Sole Authenticity Tag". To learn more about the True to Sole Authenticity Guarantee, click here!

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