The birth of the Air Jordan 4

In 1984, the first Air Jordan sneaker including Michael Jordan's name was released and has remained one of the most iconic representatives of the brand to this day. Tinker Hatfield unveiled the Air Jordan 4 sneaker to the public in 1989, debuting it at the NBA All Star game in February 1989. The sneaker became famous not only for Jordan's most successful season, but also for the stepping on it" scene in the movie Do The Right Thing.

Collaborations that brought fame

The Jordan 4's popularity has been further enhanced by the introduction of newer and more unique models as a result of a number of collaborations. The brand has collaborated with big names such as Eminem, Travis Scott, Kaws and Drake, each of whom have put their own spin on the now iconic sneaker.

The successor of the Jordan 3

The Air Jordan 4 sneaker is the fourth sneaker in the Jordan series, following the already highly successful Air Jordan 3. It inherits the Air air cushioning and medium height from its big brother, the III, but overall it's not as rugged and offers a more lightweight overall effect. The heel of the OG colorway was emblazoned with Nike Air lettering, which was replaced with Jordan lettering on later models. Iconic mesh elements adorn the upper and we can't forget the straps for versatile lacing.

What outfit does an Air Jordan 4 sneaker match with?

Whether it's a sportier sweatsuit set or a casual jeans and T-shirt combo, the Air Jordan 4 sneaker can be the perfect choice! With countless colourways in True to Sole's range, you're sure to find the sneaker that suits you best. Among others, we have the highly popular Air Jordan 4 Shimmer and the Air Jordan 4 Retro Red Thunder.

It's a unisex sneaker, so feel free to choose any version! Most of our models are available in both men's and women's sizes.

Watch out for fakes!

What guarantee do you have that you are buying original shoes from us? Our team rigorously inspects each shoe one by one and applies a "True to Sole Authenticity Tag" before they hit the shelves or the webshop. Learn more about the True to Sole Authenticity Guarantee here! We 100% guarantee that you are buying an original product!

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