We guarantee that you will only find legit and authentic sneakers at True to Sole.

We purchase only original sneakers from our extensive and reliable partner network, which can be documented and traced back to the first sale by an authorized distributor.

100% legit and authentic sneakers

Our experienced team inspects each shoe that arrives to us before appearing in the store and on the webshop. This process makes sure only authentic sneakers are available in our selection.

Want to get them checked? No problem!

You have the opportunity to have the shoes inspected by an external expert (at your own cost) before purchasing them. Ask the store team for more details!

True to Sole Authenticity Tag

A True to Sole Authenticity Tag is attached to all sneakers purchased in our store and on our webshop. This proves that the sneaker has passed the legit check of our team.

Size exchange or withdrawal claims are only accepted if the Authenticity Tag is intact. Do not remove tag before trying on sneakers!

If the Authenticity Tag is tampered with or has been removed then all claims are void and nullified, those sneakers are no subject of return or exchange.

If somebody wants to sell you sneakers whose authenticity is intended to be proven with True to Sole Authenticity Tag, check the intactness of the Authenticity Tag and ask for the receipt/invoice issued by True to Sole.