The father of Fear Of God

Jerry Lorenzo began his career in basketball and eventually moved into fashion, launching his own brand, Fear Of God, in 2013. The brand's breakthrough into the fashion industry was far from 'traditional'. Lorenzo has worked with some of the biggest names and brands, yet his own brand has remained completely independent and has not debuted in any collaborations or fashion shows. Despite this, it has gained a huge popularity and become a true luxury brand, with almost every product released selling out immediately.


In 2018, he announced his new sub-brand Fear of God ESSENTIALS (or F.O.G. ESSENTIALS for short), launching simplified versions of his main line pieces at more affordable (though still premium) prices. This new line targets a younger audience by adding stylish basics to their outfits.

True "must have" pieces

The ESSENTIALS basics are unmistakably Lorenzo's style. Oversized sweatshirts, T-shirts, sweatpants and jeans are all part of the collection and are characterised by simplicity, a clean use of colour and premium materials. Each piece features the words "ESSENTIALS", not in a showy way but in harmony with the overall look.

Feel free to choose any of the products, all the clothes offered by ESSENTIALS are perfectly unisex!


Following the success of FOG Essentials, many designers and fast fashion brands have started to launch similar styled basics, but a classic ESSENTIALS t-shirt or hoodie with its use of material, cut, clean and premium overall look is instantly stand out!

Be careful of fakes!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake products circulating in the world today and scammers are easily conning customers. At True to Sole you don't have to worry: we only buy our shoes and streetwear products from trusted sources. We check every product one by one and only put them on the shelves once we've found everything to be okay. To find out more about authenticity click here! If you have any further questions, please visit our Budapest store or contact our customer service by email or phone!

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