We opened the new True to Sole store - thanks for coming!

After much work and preparation, we opened True to Sole's new, bigger and cooler store on 25 July. Thank you so much for coming out and for all the appreciation and praise. Read our travelouge!

As True to Sole co-owners Attila and Szebi told us in a previous interview, the old space was outgrown almost from the moment the store opened.

What awaits you in the new store?

The new store at 5 Régi Posta Street is not just bigger: the whole team has worked hard to create a design, atmosphere and selection reminiscent of Western and overseas sneaker resell stores.

On entering, you'll head in two directions: to your left is the Yeezy wall and behind it our unique "showroom", where the distinctive Yeezy boxes lined up on the shelves are on display for not just the team, but all who enter.

Towards the right hand side you'll find the team favourites, the Grails vitrine, where you'll find Dior Jordan, Chunky Dunky F&F Off-White and Travis Jordan and special Dunks :)

Off-White, BAPE and VIone T-shirts and sweatshirts, UNREAL stuff on the racks, and Nike and Jordan shoes, often sought-after and rare, on the wall.

Before opening

The "hard core" had already taken the business the night before at the Friends and Family party - let the pictures tell the story! As the party got into full swing, the first retail campers started lining up at the shop around this time.

Retail Camp

After a (really) short nap, Attila and Szebi cut the TTS blue ribbon at 10am, the first thing retail campers could do was enter the shop to buy some sneakers and hype stuff at retail prices, rather unusually for a resell shop. The campers were also interviewed in the sneakerbox vlog, check it out!

We had a great turnout

Afterwards, everyone was able to look around the shop and the team had to take it easy with all the guys and girls wanting to try and buy. One by one the shoe boxes and stuff were put into the white True to Sole bag. We're so glad you all liked the Heritage t-shirt we gave out for the grand opening, as you completely stocked up on our supplies.

Golden Ticket and Sneaker Quiz

We had other excitement in store for you guys, you were very clever to find all the Golden Tickets and bag the gifts.

Dozens of people gathered for the big Sneaker and Streetwear quiz: after 21 questions and exciting twists and turns, Dorián Ozsváth thoroughly beat the field to win the Yeezy 380 'Mist' sneaker.

Thanks for the recognition

We really appreciated all the positive feedback and praise we received from you guys during the day in the shop or on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok. It confirmed to us that a shop of this nature and quality was really needed, and all we can say is: this is just the beginning!

Check out Marci Miskovits' vlog!

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