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5 Christmas gift ideas for sneaker fans

Is your friend, partner or family member a sneaker fan and would you like to give them something that they will definitely be happy with? Read our Christmas gift ideas !

1. Gift voucher

Right at the top of the list is the gift certificate, which is the easiest and can literally be purchased at the last minute!

Because giving money can suggest a lack of ideas, a gift certificate is a much better idea, as it seems that we know the taste of the recipient, and he can spend it on what he wants!

The True to Sole gift voucher can be purchased in HUF 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 denominations in our store in Budapest (Régi posta utca 5.) or in the webshop!


Printed gift voucher card

It can be purchased immediately in the store, you can pay with cash or bank card!

Electronic gift card

By clicking here, you can buy it immediately with a bank card payment. The gift certificate will be sent by e-mail immediately, you can also put it in your Apple Wallet.

Both printed and electronic gift vouchers can be redeemed for any sneakers, streetwear clothes or accessories both in the store and in the webshop, for at least one year from the date of purchase of the gift voucher.

2. Mystery Box

The essence of the Mystery Box is that it can be purchased at a fixed price, but only after opening does it become clear what exactly it contains! What is certain is that in every Mystery Box you will find sneakers, clothes, and accessories worth at least as much as the price paid, but there will be quite a few lucky ones who will be able to open a package worth much more.

5-Christmas-gift ideas-2-mystery-box

This year you can buy two types of Mystery Box: in one you will find sneakers and in the other you will find clothes - and of course each box also contains additional surprises!

Whichever True to Sole Mystery Box you choose, it's sure to be a great gift idea, for family members, friends, or even for yourself ;) We send the Mystery Box in double packaging, so it can go under the Christmas tree in perfect condition!

3. Crep Protect cleaning and care products

Not only do real sneakerheads keep their shoes spotlessly clean, well-groomed and smelling good, this has now become part of good looks and style!


Crep Protect cleaning and care products can also be bought in great packages suitable for gifts, one of our suggestions is the Crep Protect Ultimate Gift Pack , and the other is a cylinder similar to the decorative packaging of a drink, also full of cleaning and care products, this is the Crep Protect Ultimate Care Kit .

4. Socks

In contrast to sneakers, you can give socks as a gift with greater security, since the size problem is almost excluded, and moreover, socks are really a "traditional" Christmas gift! At True to Sole , you can find an ever-increasing selection of socks !

5-Christmas-gift ideas-4-socks

5. Supplements

A sneakerhead is sure to be happy with gifts related to sneakers, such as high-quality, durable sneaker key chains , or great sneaker display boxes for storing and presenting shoes! The sneaker candle is also new for the Christmas season!


We hope that we managed to give you an idea to bring joy to Christmas!