The birth of the Off-White brand

The Off-White brand entered the stage of the world of fashion in 2013 and positioned itself among the biggest luxury icons. Soon after its launch, the products launched by the brand gained enormous popularity already, which, among other things was greatly contributed to by its promotion on social media, just as it happened before in the case of the Bape brand.

Virgil Abloh

Standing behind the scenes of all this was the extremely versatile Virgil Abloh, who died with tragic suddenness in 2021: he launched what has become the hotshot of today’s street wear brands. In addition to excelling both as a designer and architect, he worked with Louis Vuitton and famous artists such as Kanye West and Jay Z.

The Off-White Style

At the time of its debut the brand was characterized by a typical industrial and deconstructed style, and one gets immediately captured also by its clarity. The iconic Off-White logo is typically huge and is given a central place on the products, and it was readily noticeable from afar. The brand's style has since moved towards more elegant lines, but simplicity, oversized sizes and unexpected solutions still characterise all Off-White pieces.

Unbroken popularity

Several collaborations have promoted the success of the brand. Working together with the most prominent global brands perhaps one of the most successful Nike collaboration, the Nike x Off-White THE TEN was born in 2017, followed by the Nike x Off-White The 50 collection launched in the market in 2021. Most Off-White sneakers are completed with the iconic "zip-tag". The fact that famous celebrities, rappers and singers like, among others, Jay-Z, ASAP Rocky, Justin Bieber and Drake started to wear and post the brand contributed greatly to the success.

The most recent success was the redesign of the Air Force 1 Mid, where they managed to reconsider the sneaker to become almost unrecognisable.

Be careful of fakes!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake products circulating in the world today and scammers are easily conning customers. At True to Sole you don't have to worry: we only buy our shoes and streetwear products from trusted sources. We check every product one by one and only put them on the shelves once we've found everything to be okay. To find out more about authenticity click here! If you have any further questions, please visit our Budapest store or contact our customer service by email or phone!

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