Look for the "48H EXPRESS SHIPPING" sticker for lightning-fast delivery!

When ordering sneaker sizes, clothes and accessories where you see the "48H EXPRESS SHIPPING" sticker you can be sure we will pack and deliver them to the courier service within 48 hours. You don't have to ask for this separately - we are committed to having your order delivered as soon as possible!

True to Sole Press Shipping

Our partner, the GLS courier service, delivers the parcels most of the time already the next day in Hungary, and usually within two days in Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

"48H EXPRESS SHIPPING" applies only to orders placed on working days. If your order is submitted on a non-working day, we will pack it and hand it over for delivery on the first working day.

Please, pay attention to which sneaker sizes the "48H EXPRESS SHIPPING" option applies!

If your order includes a product that is not covered by the "48H EXPRESS SHIPPING" option, you will receive the entire order within the normal 2-14 working day delivery time.

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