5+1 ways to spot fakes

For those about to buy shoes, authenticity can be a tricky proposition. Especially if the sneaker you covet is a limited edition. In most cases, you may have found the sneaker of your dreams on foreign sites, Facebook groups or Instagram profiles. Until the launch of truetosole.hu, there was no reliable Hungarian online shop for limited edition sneakers.

What can you do to spot the scammers?
Get information, ask for help in groups, watch videos and be careful. When doing a legit check, you need to pay attention to every detail, just like an investigation. That's why we've put together the easiest 5+1 ways to tell the difference between an original and a fake.

The first obvious clue will be the packaging of the shoe, you can spot it from a distance if the box is more creased than warranted or decorated with thousands of tears.
    What could this mean?
    A: The courier delivering the package had a very bad day and took his repressed emotions out on your shoes.
    B: The fake sneaker box was made of inferior, less expensive material and was delivered to the customer via cheaper shipping methods. As such, its surface is covered with a multitude of dents.
    One or two tears and dents do not prove that it is a copy, but they can be one of the most obvious clues.
    It's also important to pay attention to the material of the cardboard and the quality and colour of the printed surfaces.This is where cheaper counterfeits fail, as printing is one of the most difficult steps to reproduce. The difference in printed colours, fonts and spacing from the original is clearly visible to the naked eye. If you've never held a box like this in your hands, look for a picture.

    Materials, stitching and seams are partly handmade, in thousands or hundreds of thousands of pieces, so even between two originals you can find huge differences. The size label, on the other hand, is printed, so the same style, font and spacing is used on every pair.

      (European and American labels may differ. )
      Because of the prescribed format, this is the one to watch out for the most, if you find any discrepancies you can be sure you have a counterfeit. Again, if you have no reference, look for an image online.

      There are two aspects in which the fakes that have appeared in recent years have come closest to the original.At the same time, barely noticeable but significant differences can be found in all copies. Therefore, this step is time-consuming and requires some practice. If you're holding your first Yeezy or Air Jordan in your hand and comparing it to another pair, you may be surprised to find that there are countless differences in two identical models. The explanation for this, as mentioned above, is high volume production. There can be big differences between models produced in different years and colours, so it is always a good idea to compare with a model of the same colour with the same release date or with a video or picture of it.

      If the previous condition is met, the shoes are turned around to check the use of the material and the shape. Often the leather on fakes is shinier, thinner and much harder to the touch than on the originals. While on a fabric upper, the pattern of the weave or the stitching of the seams can be particularly striking.

      4. THE COLOUR

      We're not primarily talking about the Yeezy 350 sneaker that can be bought in the red Supereme" sign at Blaha's Underground, as this article doesn't take it quite so lightly either. Let's talk about that little difference in shade that you might only notice when comparing. Most of the materials are obtained by immersion in dye, but the length of the process and the composition of the dyes are kept secret by the manufacturers. The process can only be mimicked by the copyists, so the shade will not be the same as the original.
      !Important: It cannot be checked with pictures or video, because screens give different colours.

      5. THE SMELL
      Yes, you read that right the smell is the least known detail on a shoe is the smell of the materials and glue. While the original has a strong glue smell, this one is tolerable even when leaning close to the shoe. Because of the cheap glue used in the copies, the strong aroma is unbearable up close, causing a suffocating sensation. It is best compared to the smell of Technokol glue.

      If you want to be the safest, trust someone who's never wrong. We're no different, which is why we've enlisted former drug-sniffing dog Ödön to join our team, who can spot fake sneakers from a block away.

      Now you've learned the basics of Legit Check.
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