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A 16 éves magyar srác aki Kanye-val dolgozik

The 16-year-old Hungarian guy who works with Kanye

How would you live if one day you woke up and Kanye West appeared among your Insta followers?

ALLWAHN (only this name is listed in the article at his request) was not only followed by Ye, but also given the opportunity to work with the Yeezy Tech Team on the STEM Player project.

ALLWAHN already has an impressive portfolio at the age of 16. He is currently studying at the Junior School of Graphics, and his works are mostly made with oil painting and 3D graphics, and his main inspiration is Ye's music and fashion design work. You can see his works here: @allwahn

As they say, hard work pays off, after posting dozens of his paintings and art, people took notice and tagged Kanye West in a barrage of comments: #yegottaseethis

In September of last year, he woke up to a sudden influx of new followers on his Instagram, including Ye. Then the first exchanges of messages began with Alex Klein, the creator of the STEM player and the founder of Kano Computing.
Joining the Yeezy Tech team, he created the image below that will be used in STEM Player promotional materials.

Art is based on the drawings of the French painter and illustrator Gustave Doré, which he recreated in blender (a 3d modeling program) . The main motifs are the STEM Player and angels.

The STEM Player was born from the joint work of Kanye West and Kano Computing, and is essentially the love child of a mixer and a potato. We can play the stems, i.e. tracks (vocals, instruments, bass and drums) separately, thus creating countless variations.

Kanye is famous for recording his songs in hundreds or thousands of versions, and because of his maximalism, his announced albums are delayed by weeks and months.

With STEM Player, you can achieve the mood of making the tracks, for example, what if the bass was quieter in this part, or if only the vocals were played during the chorus?

ALLWAHN was also commissioned to make two short commercial films, which he made together with the @derkonuovo art collective from December to January.

Soon they will also be visible on the STEM Player online interfaces.

ALLWAHN is also participating in the organization of the DONDA 2 Listening Event to be held at the True to Sole store on 03/06/2022, where, among other things, @derkonuovo will also pop up.


To everyone's surprise, Ye's latest album arrived on time, but it's nowhere to be found...  Many people in the TTS team are big fans of Kanye's work, so we got a STEM PLAYER to listen to DONDA 2's sick beats together with you.

Date: 06/03/2022 (Sunday) 18:00-20:00 

  • Admission is free - limited seating on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Address: 1052 Bp. Régi Posta u. 5 - True to Sole Store
  • STEM PLAYER DJ @oliverzoltai
  • Dress code: ALL BLACK ⚫️⚫️
  • Surprise guest @allwahn
  • You are our guests for refreshments

Tali Sunday night! 🔜

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