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Ajándék limitált True to Sole fémkulacs a webshopos rendelésekhez!

Gift limited True to Sole metal water bottle for webshop orders!

From the True to Sole webshop, you can definitely choose a cool sneaker or dress for the start of school in the fall. What's more, if you buy over HUF 20,000 now, you can also own a limited edition black TTS metal water bottle!

And it's not over yet: if you're among the ten lucky ones, you'll find a super-limited silver water bottle in your package, which also comes with a 30% True to Sole discount!

In order to be well throughout the day, it is very important to drink water regularly, but disposable plastic bottles seriously pollute our environment. With this cool True to Sole metal water bottle, you will always have your water at your fingertips and it even matches your outfit perfectly.

The offer is valid for orders over HUF 20,000 placed in the webshop from 0:01 on August 24, 2022, while stocks last (1,000 black + 10 silver metal water bottles). Super limited metal water bottles are sent out randomly.

The 30% discount codes are valid until Aug. 2023. They can be used until the 31st for purchases of up to HUF 200,000.

Click here to shop!

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