Are the creases on your shoes bothering you? The solution: Sneaker Shields

Do you hate it when the first creases appear on your favourite sneakers?

With leather uppers, it's a natural phenomenon, because just as your foot flexes with every step, the leather on the toe of the shoe flexes with it. So over time, wear and tear will cause wrinkles, creases and even cracks to appear on the toe of the shoe - first on the paintwork, then the leather itself will tire.

What can you do about sneaker creasing?

1. the most effective is to not wear the sneaker at all - so it definitely won't crease! But since you probably bought it to wear, skip to the second point :D

2. Walk without bending your legs - this is unlikely to last long either :D

3. We mostly recommend using a crease protector :) This is a special insert in the toe of the shoe that reduces the flexing of the toe of the shoe, thus reducing creasing and cracking.

And if you're thinking that this must be uncomfortable... well, that's what the designers thought of and the design and cushioning ensures that your shoes stay comfortable even when wearing the crease protector!

What crease protector is available at True to Sole?

Crep Protect Sneaker Shields

You probably know the Crep Protect brand for their sneaker cleaning and care products, they also make a sneaker crease insert called Crep Protect Sneaker Shield, it not only prevents creases but also deformities and helps keep your favorite sneaker in its original shape. It also helps to prevent and protect your sneakers from creases and cracks.

The Sneaker Shield has a gel cushion so you don't have to worry about wearing your sneakers uncomfortably. What's more, they even smell fresh and tropical!

Available in two sizes, S (34 to 39.5) and L (40 to 47).

True To Sole Sneaker Shields

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