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Powerpuff PP2 Merch Drop 4.20-án!

Powerpuff PP2 Merch Drop on 4.20!

Powerpuff, i.e. Grasa, Szalai, and Gyuris' second joint album, PP2, which belongs to the OTL family, was released last October. Besides the best-known Feminist from the album , 2M from Szeged and the Baktérium Cypher with Ekhoe and Pogány Indulo, the other songs from PP2 are also spinning nicely - now it was really time for the merch made for the album to finally drop!

PP2 Merch Drop on 4.20!

Recently, the relationship between Powerpuff and TTS is getting closer and closer: Grasa, Szalai, Gyuris were recently seen in our Shop Talk YouTube series!

It also happened here that the founder of TTS, Attila Pótor, beat Grasa in Mortal Combat, and the deal was that the winner would say what the PP2 merch drop would be - you probably guessed by now that the location was True to Sole will have a store in Budapest - and when, other than twenty-four?

If you want to grab one of the limited edition PP2 Merch t-shirts or hoodies, get ready like this:

In-store drop

On April 20, 2023 at 5:00 p.m., the True to Sole store will close and reopen soon so you can buy the merch clothes on a first-come, first-served (fcfs) basis! If you would come first and stand in line, you can do it in front of the store.

The black t-shirt will only be available in the store!

If you are one of the first 10 customers, you will receive a signed poster as a gift!

If you buy both a T-shirt and a hoodie at the same time, you will receive a pair of TTS socks as a gift.

Everyone can buy one piece of each product.

Trap quiz

Not only with the merch drop, but together with St!cky, we are also preparing a special TRAPKVÍZ special edition for you on this day - where a lucky trio can compete with the Powerpuff team! Would you like to be them?

Then apply on this link by April 18, 2023 at 6 p.m. We will draw two of the teams that applied, of whom Apr. On the 20th, it will be revealed in the "semi-finals" on the spot which of them can compete with the Powerpuff team in the Trap quiz!

If your team defeats Grasa, Szalai and Gyuris in the Trap quiz, your prize will be a PP2 Merch t-shirt and a True to Sole sneaker key chain of your choice!

Online drop

If you couldn't come to the store, you can order the PP2 merch products from the True to Sole webshop from midnight on April 20, 2023.

When ordering online, if you buy a T-shirt and a hoodie at the same time, you will receive a pair of TTS socks as a gift, and everyone can also only order one piece of each product.

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