Beware of scammers pretending to be True to Sole!

We have noticed that many fake True to Sole accounts have been created on Instagram by scammers. They use our logo as profile picture and their username is just a little bit different from ours. They lie that you are a winner of a giveaway, urge you to register and give your bank card data or your get your password with a fake registration.

What we do

We immediately report all fake accounts to Instagram and we are in touch with Instagram support.

What you can do?

Always be cautious, do not let scammers fool you:

  • Pay attention to the username of the profile. Our real Instagram profile is @truetosole All others are fake.
  • If such fake profile follows you or sends you a message please forward it to and please also report to Instagram.
  • Don’t believe “you are the winner” or “you have been drawn” messages! Ignore if you are being urged!
  • Do not click on any links they send you!
  • Do not register, do not disclose any personal or payment data, passwords or codes!
  • If you see a “plug” profile with our logo or very similar name don’t trust them. Our official webshop is and we don’t sell on Instagram. These are most probably fake products and they use our name to seem legit and authentic.

Do you have questions, need support?

  • If you are uncertain of something send us a screenshot to
  • If you have done a registration on the scammer’s website or disclosed card data to them immediately contact your bank and block the card and contact the police.
  • If you have used username and password for registration on the scammer’s website which you use elsewhere, immediately change password everywhere.

Authenticity and credibility are the most important things for True to Sole. We are working hard on disabling all scammers but it’s also your responsibility to be precautious!

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